Vyacheslav Laschevsky

Vyacheslav Laschevsky, AGT Communications Group Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Vyacheslav Laschevsky

AGT Communications Group Chairman of the Board of Directors

Cand. Sc. (Philosophy), Vyachweslav graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute named after Lensovet. He’s got more than 15 years of experience in the field of public relations. Before he moved to business sector - in 1984-1996 – Vyacheslav had been working at various elective posts in Komsomol (Communist Youth League). In 1991, he was elected to take the post of 1st Secretary of the Russian Communist Youth League Central Committee, and later, after the organization got a new name, he headed Central Committee of the Russian Youth Union.

For many years, Vyacheslav was actively involved into public and political activities. He was the member of the Constitutional counsel on development the draft Constitution of the Russian Federation; he was also an authorized representative of Boris Yeltsin in 1991 and 1996 and Vladimir Putin in 2000, when they were running for presidency. Vyacheslav received personal acknowledgements from Russian Presidents Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, and from the heads of several ministries and departments.

In 1996, Vyacheslav Laschevsky initiated the establishment of the public relations company - AGT Communications Agency. During the 14-year period, the Agency’s business has expanded and significantly diversified. Today, the AGT Communications Group is a big holding, which includes:

Vyacheslav Laschevsky performs the functions of strategic management of the AGT Communications Group. Among partners and clients of the AGT Communications Group there are federal ministries and departments, leading Russian and international businesses, working in various sectors of economy.

In 2009, AGT Agency was defined as the biggest Russian provider of communication services to the government authorities. According to The Holmes Report, published in December 2010, AGT Communications Group is the biggest PR company in Eastern Europe, being enlisted as one of the TOP-10 PR companies of the Continental Europe (7th position) and one of TOP-50 world leading PR companies (48th position).

Vyacheslav Laschevsky is a Laureate of the Russian Media Manager National Award in the field of media business (2008). He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Russian Association on Public Relations, IABC Strategic Council, Boards of Trustees of the Silver Archer and Russian Media Manager national professional awards.