Style Italiano New Restoration Technique

Style Italiano New Restoration Technique
<p>3М Corp. presents a new restoration method by means  of the Filtek<sup>™</sup> Ultimate nanocomposite material developed in cooperation with the Style Italiano, a group of famous Italian dentists. The method was developed for creating natural restoration resulting in the situation when it is difficult to tell the difference between the restored tooth and the natural one, and the patient gets a nice smile for many years to come.</p>
<p>Developed by the acclaimed European scientists in the field of aesthetic dentistry, the method has significantly eased the dentists’ work with nanocomposite layers and offered the opportunity to get clearly predictable aesthetic results while restoring labial and lateral teeth. Combination of two opacities (transparency feature) of nanocomposite material used by Style Italiano, provides for beforehand creation of individual color range in order to select a tooth color of «А» group, which corresponds to the VITAPAN<sup>®</sup> Classica. Such preciseness and predictability serve undeniable advantage for the dentist and for his patient as well. In a quick and easy manner the dentist can select the required restoration color, reproducing it individually for each patient, which means preciseness, saving time and money of the  patient.</p>
<p>Nanocomposite materials  perfectly fits the needs of creating natural restorations, possessing perfect manipulation features, contributing to lasting shine and durability of labial and lateral groups of teeth. Combination of this method and the material provides dentist with the opportunity of using only 8 syringes to create predictable restoration.</p>
<p>Each interested dentist can get information about the Style Italiano new restoration method, visiting 3М master-classes in Technology Centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. During the master-classes, the 3M dentistry experts will speak about new recommendations on combination of different opacities of the Filtek<sup>™</sup> Ultimate nanocomposite material, about the technique of producing an individual nanocomposite color chart, as well as methodology rules for the work with innovative tools, which allow controlling the thickness of a composite layer.</p>
<p>Schedule of the forthcoming seminars:</p>
<p>September 23 - 3М Technology Center, Yekaterinburg (Video feed)</p>
<p>September 23 - 3М Technology Center, St. Petersburg</p>
<p>October 17 -  3М Technology Center, Moscow</p>
<p>For detailed seminar schedule, please, visit: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p>
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